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Passion for Change Brings Everyone Together

We’ve faced the facts. A barely used plastic fork will be on the planet for more than 1,000 years. Dead whales are washing ashore with huge amounts of plastic trash inside them. It may sound harsh, but it’s really happening. That’s what has driven us to take action and help others do the same.


Rowdy Elephants was born from a passionate desire to create change, make a difference, and make it as simple as possible to accomplish. By bridging our professional expertise with our passion for reducing waste, we network, connect, and build relationships to create stronger, more aware, more purposeful communities. We want to make being resource responsible easy. Because we know that one new habit or purchase can have a resounding impact for years to come.  


We believe that every one of us is capable of leaving this place a little better than the way we found it. This is our Rowdy way. And we believe it can be yours, too.

Co-founders, Stacey Lusk (left), Leah Peterson (right)