Ever wish your home or business had a director of sustainability? Or that your operations lead had an army to help them accomplish the to-do list? Well, that's where Rowdy Elephants comes in. Consider us your partner in crime, right hand helper, environmental crusader, and outsourced director of sustainability. We are here to help, so throw us in Coach! 


Our easy three-step approach assures that the solutions we provide fit your specific circumstances and complement any level of action you’re already taking.


Ultimately, your home and organization will improve by reducing wasteful products and materials and becoming more resource responsible. All you have to do is reach out to Rowdy Elephants and we’ll start assisting, educating, and expanding your sustainable efforts.

Home assessments begin at $500. 

Businesses & Schools at $1000.

*Travel and expenses outside of Atlanta and Charlotte will be billed as an additional expense.