Does Being Eco-Conscious Mean I'm Crunchy?

Someone called me crunchy the other day and then apologized. Honestly, I took it as a compliment, so I’m not sure why they felt bad for saying it! But really, why is choosing to be eco-conscious backdating us to the ‘60’s with the crunchy, granola terms? It’s practically 2020 folks, so let’s get real.

Caring about the environment is not exclusive to any certain type of people. You don’t just have to live on a farm with chickens (although I would secretly love to). Nor do you have to smoke pot, wear clogs and avoid deodorant (I’m two out of three here). Being green is in. And to that, it’s always in. Being eco-conscious today means a few things:

  • You try to recycle properly. Maybe you event think about if you can reuse something before you toss it. Or perhaps you even compost.

  • You understand why you use a reusable water bottle/coffee mug

  • You think about the eco footprint you’re creating each day. Maybe using alternative forms of transportation to/from work. You buy clothes on consignment or borrow from friends.

  • You want to protect our wildlife and save the oceans

  • You care about the environment. Pure and simple.

Whether caring about a few of these things or all of them makes me a crunchy person, then so be it. Call me what you want, I dig it. And that's totally acceptable 2020 lingo.

What else can you think of that helps define what it means to be eco-conscious today?