How to start being eco-friendly

Despite some theories, you don't have to wear clogs and Eileen Fisher to be green. There are lots of ways to start being eco-friendly and help make an impact to our environment. You can start creating 3 easy habits.

1. Grab a Tote!... make it a Rowdy one!

Although it might seem convenient to grab a plastic bag at the cash register, the habit is actually pretty wasteful. One source estimates that plastic bags have three times the greenhouse gas impact of reusable bags. Worse, a few years ago scientists discovered a gigantic mass of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean, which is an especial threat to marine life. Make a more eco-friendly choice by bringing your own reusable bags on your next shopping trip—they’re way trendier than the plastic stuff anyway!

2. Bring a bottle

Did you know that the energy it takes to recycle one plastic bottle would power a 60-watt light bulb for 3 hours? Or that 91% of all plastic isn't recycled?? Be part of the solution by investing in a reusable water bottle (BPA-free if possible)—and actually remember to carry it with you - keep it with or near your keys so you don't forget!

3. Carry your own place setting

You have likely already started using reusable bags for groceries and maybe even taking your water bottle with you on flights to save money. Have you considered adding a fork, spoon, knife and straw to your tote, briefcase or purse? Consider the amount of plastic you can reduce by keeping a set with you! We have personal set available in our Shop section - or just take a set from your home stash!

Start easy - bring a tote, water bottle and place setting every time you leave the house. Just by doing that - you eliminate your plastic impact almost completely!