Starting the Conversation - Vote With Your Dollars

RE exists to help, contribute and to change the way people view their impact on the environment. Born from our frustration and wonder why we come home from some of our favorite places with styrofoam, or are still served single use plastics, Rowdy Elephants is on a mission to make food and event-related experiences more sustainable.

Wild Minimalist, Treading My Own Path, Waste Free Planet, Package Free Shop, A Family Goes Green and so many more are already doing amazing things to benefit the environmental waste impact. Let’s make it even easier for consumers, employees and fans to find places that match their sustainable values. Rowdy Elephants partners with restaurants, schools, offices and venues/event planners, to help them easily find the right products and services to lower their environmental footprint and raise their contribution of green action in their communities.

Consumers vote with their dollars. Our goal is that by encouraging these changes, and spreading the word about businesses doing good, more consumers will be knocking on their door to give thanks. That’s when, together, we are positively contributing to our communities and making change. Check out Manuel's Tavern or Root Baking Co. in Atlanta for lunch or drinks. You can feel good that they are making deliberate decisions in food sourcing, energy and service to reduce their impact.

We would love for passionate voices to join in the conversation! What do you care most about when deciding where to eat, shop or work? Does food sourcing, waste practices or whether they offer reusables come into your decision process?