We Can Clean This Up

There’s nothing like walking the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Its relaxing and peaceful. Romantic even at dawn. Lucky for me, my husband and I were recently fortunate to skip away for a weekend just the two of us. But the breathtaking views were quickly diminished with harsh reality.

The first morning there, I rose at sunrise to walk the beach out in front of our resort. No more than 10 minutes in, and I had picked up too much plastic for my hands to carry and had to turn around. The beach was littered. I schelpt the trash back to the resort’s recycling bins, washed my hands and fell into the chaise next to my husband in a huff. I was devastated. There was so much more to pick up.

I couldn’t stand it. I went back for the two jugs and returned again with my hands full. The following day, I rose again at dawn and headed out on the beach in the other direction, only to pick up two rounds of trash again. Thank goodness for organizations like 4 ocean that are doing this type of clean up every day all over the world.

Y’all, there is so much plastic! And it’s not just on our beaches, it’s in our water too! And the marine life are eating it! It’s imperative we recognize, and are encouraged by, the progress made by groups like The Ocean Cleanup and Lonely Whale. Because collectively, we can make progress. We can change, correct and amend what has been done. We are the ones that can clean this up. Literally.

Whether you are fortunate for a weekend away in the Caribbean, just strolling in your neighborhood creek or state park, there are so many ways to get involved. This is one way how we can save our planet - the oceans, the animals, climate and our children’s futures.