We are open!

Well, here we are. I'm not sure how we got to this point, perhaps the Divine Intervention, maybe fate. In the past, I tried to force things, to "make it happen". This time, Rowdy Elephants, it literally just happened. And it feels amazing. It feels right. And that's because it is right.

This is us. Me, Leah, on the left and Stacey on the right. Stacey's amazing. She's quite literally the happiest person the on the planet. Even at the end of the most exhausting day, she's still going, bubbly as can be. Her enthusiasm for life radiates. I'll never forget the day we met, nearly 11 years ago now. She burst down the hallway and into my office, stuck out her hand out while simultaneously twirling her Anthropologie dress, showing off her baby bump. Stacey was there to sell me something and of course I bought it. It was that easy to be around her and I was just ecstatic she wanted to be my friend.

We knew we wanted to work together, it was just a matter of time. We have so much in common - as moms, career woman and wanting the leave the world a better place. And then it happened. Rowdy was born over a wonderful meal with good wine and a big mission. With our amazing husbands and friends rallied around us, we know we've got this. Slowly but surely, we will help leave a mark for our children to thrive in a better environment and with the sustainable tools and education to do so.

So, regardless if it was indeed the Divine Intervention or fate, or maybe total happenstance, it was worth it. Let's do this! Rowdy Elephants is open for business!