Welcome to Rowdy Elephants

We are doing this!!! That the "we" is Leah and me. I consider myself pretty passionate and driven, but I had no idea what driven and passionate really looked like until I met Leah. Leah exudes confidence and competence and brings everyone around her up to her level, but not in an arrogant way - in a helpful, loving and inspiring way. You don't even know it's happening until you look back.

We met when I was pregnant with my soon to be 10 year old son. She was the perfect client, the right balance of knowing what she wanted and how she wanted it, but open to other ideas and new offerings. We became fast friends...I even worked for her for a minute! 10 years later, 3 kids, a dog and multiple international trips between us and we are in a new phase. Where raising a family, pivoting or reinventing a career are balanced or in conflict with a new urgency to make a difference in the world.

I'm sure there are so many of you in this same phase. The phase where most days involve an attempt to get a healthy breakfast, calmly into yours, your two kids and husband stomachs while trying to tame both yours and your daughters half straight, half curly, always messy hair out the door on time. And requires a 10 minute buffer to attempt a meditation...or just a deep breathe holding coffee lovingly before the next meeting, appointment or email comes in. The same day that involves re-imagining your calendar 3 times to fit in delivering forgotten homework, fixing a broken iPhone and attempting to schedule a way overdue dentist appointment and also make sure you know who is picking up who from baseball and piano - or was it Chess Club today? Maybe getting a walk, run or yoga class in over lunch or after dinner. And where dinner was either bulk cooked on Sunday or picked up in a drive thru. We have met and listened, and learned from so many who are in the zone with us and that is why Rowdy Elephants came to be.

Rowdy Elephants was born from the deep passion and drive to create and make a difference. Leah and I both, with all our energy, passion and drive want to make the world a better place, but we know it has to be simple. We are starting by offering one product that can make one activity or event and all those after a little greener. Buying one kit, can eliminate thousands of plasticware, paper and compost waste over its life. After 8 years of class parties that always involved plastic silverware, paper napkins and large garbage bags full of half eaten nuggets or cupcakes, I wanted to do something to make the garbage sack a little smaller, the cost of hundreds of wasted plastic forks and spoons a little less. Serendipitously, another mom - way further along on her eco journey brought in sets of silverware from thrift stories for the 2nd grade class event. Her name is Justine and the solution is The Justine.

We want to make being resource responsible easy. Where one purchase can make layers of impact. We're starting with The Justine and we aren't going to stop. We'll add lots of products and services and connections and advice to help all of you in this New Phase, who want to be thoughtful and mindful about how you use resources to make an impact without having to research, compile, and decide - we want to help everyone make a difference in the world.