Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Wellness is a big, broad and beautiful topic and connects across many spectrums. What you put into and on your body, and the environmental impact of those decisions mean a lot to us. This was our third year at Well Summit and the first for Rowdy Elephants. What an amazing group of women - focused and dedicated to improving their lives and businesses in wellness. We love that there are experts, explorers and zero judgement! It’s a safe place to learn and grow.

Some of our stand out, favorite new companies this year include Erin Faces, Hydrow, She Plants Love, and SkinTe. Also represented and loved visiting with were Kosmatology and Branch Basics. Each brand was not only thoughtful in their beauty, fitness, health or cleaning categories, but also their packaging and sourcing which just makes us even bigger fans!

The keynotes and workshops are what we really go for, to continue down our paths of self-exploration and self-improvement across in the wellness category. The highlights include seeing the gorgeous Christy Turlington share her mission to end maternal deaths with the non-profit she found, Every Mother Counters. As well as workshop speakers Nikko Novo and Ashlee Piper (grab a copy of Ashley's book as it's a no brainer on how you too can change the world).

Rowdy Elephant co-founders Stacey Lusk (left) and Leah Peterson (right) with charity: water founder Scott Harrison at Well Summit 2018.

Hands down, our lives have changed after hearing Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water speak on his mission to bring clean water to every human on the plant. Check out Thirst to understand how Scott's changing the charity landscape and changing the world.

Until next year, #wellsummit2018 will leave our hearts full education and ripe for new experiences.